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Rishabh Khanna

Looking for Software Engineer Opportunities from January 2020

Master's in Computer Science at the University of Florida

Ex - Akamai, Coding Blocks


About Me

I’m a Masters's student studying Computer Science at the University of Florida. I am graduating in December 2019 and looking for opportunities in the Software Engineer role. I have experience with Java, Javascript, android development, NodeJS, Cloud applications, Distributed Systems. I enjoy hacking on my personal projects as I am always ready with an edge to dive into the design process to discover, ideate and build a cool product.

I have developed and released 4 android apps on Google Play Store with more than 5K monthly active users, released open source android libraries with more than 50 stars on Github and being used in more than 20 projects. I have also developed scalable backend cloud applications including Real Time Systems and hosted them on AWS and Digital Ocean, I have also worked on distributed systems, Virtual Reality apps, Augmented Reality apps, machine learning libraries, Blockchain and Internet of Things using Raspberry Pi.

Latest Projects

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A webapp created in Node.js where college students can vote any events happening in the college. Self hosted parse is used as database (hosted on digital ocean)

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Silent Flip

an android app which silents the phone music, call or alarm (when kept upside down) when it is kept upside down

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People News

An android app where people can "Like" or "Dislike" news with the tinder ui. This app is still in development phase

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Video Calling Webapp

A simple Peer to Peer video calling webapp made using Peerjs and WebRTC

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Movie Fare App

An Android app to fill left seats at movie halls by slashing the prices according to dynamic pricing algorithms on backend.

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Other Projects

Gif Finder Open Source

One of the initial apps i made where users can view gifs on any topics in tinder style UI, Gifs are fetched with Giphy Api.

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Maryline's Code Hunt Open Source

An android app made for gdg JIIT Noida where people scan QR code to solve a coding puzzle and get to next location

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Chat Web App Open Source

A web chat app where users can join with any username, users can view previous chats since chats are stored in database and can also view who is online. Technology used - Material Design, Javascript, node.js, Expressjs, Socket.io

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Work Experience

Product Engineer and Instructor Coding Blocks (may,2018-july,2018)

Taught and mentored incubatees

Teaching Assistant - Coding Blocks (2016-2017)

Guided and Mentored Students at Coding Blocks in Android App Development and Web development Course under Arnav Gupta aka championswimmer

Co-ordinator - Google Developers Group Jiit (2016 - present)

Co-ordinator and android developer at google developer at Jiit Noida

Co-ordinator - Open Source Developers Club (2016 - present)

Co-rdinator, android developer and Webapp developer at open source developers club at Jiit

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